The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Kitaru Togō

Togō, Kitaru


* 3rd of September 1899

† 17th of February 1992

(都甲 徠)

(都甲 来)

(とごう きたる)


1941-08-25 Colonel
1945-06-10 Major-General


1941-03-01 1942-04-01 Chief of 7th Section (Chinese Intelligence), 2nd Section, General Staff
1942-04-01 1944-12-08 Chief of 2nd Section, China Expeditionary Army
1944-12-08 1945-06-16 Attached to China Expeditionary Army
1945-06-16 1945-07-05 Attached to the Army Infantry School
1945-07-05 1945-09-02 Head of Investigation Department, Ministry Of War
1945-08-23 1945-09-08 Attached to Military Service Bureau, Ministry of War