The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Marshal of Soviet Union Fedor Ivanovich Tolbukhin

Tolbukhin, Fedor Ivanovich

Marshal of Soviet Union

* 16th of June 1894

† 17th of October 1949

(Федор Иванович Толбухин)


1935-11-28 Kombrig
1938-07-15 Komdiv
1940-06-04 Major-General
1943-01-19 Lieutenant-General
1943-04-28 Colonel-General
1943-09-21 Army General
1944-09-12 Marshal of Soviet Union


1921-09-XX 1921-12-XX Chief of Staff, 56th Rifle Division
1921-12-XX 1922-03-XX Chief of Operations Section, Troops, Karelian Region
1922-03-XX 1922-06-XX Acting Chief of Staff, 56th Rifle Division
1922-06-XX 1929-01-XX Chief of Staff, 56th Rifle Division
1929-01-XX 1930-11-XX Commanding Officer 167th Rifle Regiment
1930-11-XX 1935-01-XX Chief of Staff, I Rifle Corps
1935-01-XX 1937-10-XX Chief of Staff, XIX Rifle Corps
1937-10-XX 1938-07-XX Commanding Officer 72nd Rifle Division
1938-07-15 1941-08-23 Chief of Staff, Transcaucasian Military District
1941-08-23 1941-12-30 Chief of Staff, Transcaucasian Front
1941-12-30 1942-01-28 Chief of Staff, Caucasian Front
1942-01-28 1942-03-10 Chief of Staff, Crimean Front
1942-05-XX 1942-07-XX Deputy Commander in Chief Stalingrad Military District
1942-07-27 1943-01-31 Commanding Officer 57th Army
1943-02-03 1943-03-21 Commanding Officer 68th Army
1943-03-22 1943-10-20 Commander in Chief Southern Front
1943-10-20 1944-05-15 Commander in Chief 4th Ukrainian Front
1944-05-15 1945-06-15 Commander in Chief 3rd Ukrainian Front
1945-06-15 1947-01-16 Commander in Chief Southern Group of Forces
1946-XX-XX 1947-XX-XX Head of the Soviet Military Mission Yugoslavia
1947-01-17 1949-10-17 Commander in Chief Transcaucasian Military District
Picture source: Courtesy of Auke de Vlieger