The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Komkor Leontii Iakovlevich Ugriumov

Ugriumov, Leontii Iakovlevich


* July 1887

† 14th of August 1937

(Леонтий Яковлевич Угрюмов)


1936-02-17 Komkor


1923-07-XX Commanding Officer 1st Border Division
1923-07-XX 1923-12-XX Commanding Officer 21st Perm Rifle Division
1923-12-XX 1924-04-XX Attached to the General Staff
1924-04-XX 1925-04-XX Commanding Officer 28th Gorkii Rifle Division
1925-04-XX 1925-06-XX At disposal of the Main Army Directorate
1925-06-XX 1926-08-XX Assistant Commanding Officer X Rifle Corps
1926-08-XX 1927-XX-XX Assistant Commanding Officer Escort Guards
1927-XX-XX 1929-06-XX Attending Frunze Military Academy
1929-06-XX 1931-07-XX Commanding Officer 48th Rifle Division
1929-06-XX 1931-07-XX Military Commissar, 48th Rifle Division
1931-07-XX 1935-02-XX Commanding Officer I Rifle Corps
1931-07-XX 1935-02-XX Military Commissar, I Rifle Corps
1935-02-XX 1936-06-XX Head of Small Arms Tactical Course, Infantry Commanders Advanced Training Course 'Vystrel'
1936-06-XX 1937-05-21 Deputy Head of Combat Training Directorate
1937-05-21 1937-08-14 Arrested
1937-08-14 Condemned to death
1937-08-14 Executed
1956-05-23 Rehabilitated
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