The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Evgenii Grigorevich Ushakov

Ushakov, Evgenii Grigorevich


* 21st of January 1901

† 13th of November 1952

(Евгений Григорьевич Ушаков)


1943-09-25 Major-General


1941-08-XX 1942-03-17 Commanding Officer 508th Rifle Regiment
1942-03-17 1942-12-23 Commanding Officer 57th Guards Rifle Regiment
1942-12-23 1943-06-06 Commanding Officer 246th Rifle Division
1943-06-06 1944-04-XX Commanding Officer 37th Guards Rifle Division
1944-05-XX 1945-03-XX Attending the Military Academy of the General Staff
1945-04-20 1945-10-XX Commanding Officer 101st Guards Rifle Division
1945-10-XX 1946-04-XX Wounded in a car accident and hospitalised
1946-04-XX Chief of Commandant's Service, Chemnitz [Germany)
1946-04-XX 1947-11-XX Head of Baltic Infantry Officers' Advanced Training Course
1947-11-XX 1949-07-XX Head of Combined Officers' Advanced Training Course, Baltic Military District
1949-07-XX Retired
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