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Portrait of Colonel-General of Coastal Service Sergei Ilich Vorobev

Vorobev, Sergei Ilich

Colonel-General of Coastal Service

* 3rd of July 1895

† 17th of September 1983

(Сергей Ильич Воробьев)


1935-11-26 Kombrig
1938-04-20 Komdiv
1939-04-09 Komkor
1939-04-29 Komkor
1940-06-04 Lieutenant-General of Coastal Service
1944-01-22 Colonel-General of Coastal Service


1929-11-XX 1931-04-XX Commanding Officer Artillery, Coastal Defence
1931-04-XX 1932-05-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Artillery Brigade, Coastal Defence
1931-04-XX 1932-05-XX Military Commissar, 3rd Artillery Brigade, Coastal Defence
1932-05-XX 1933-06-XX Chief of Staff, Coastal Defence
1933-06-XX 1938-02-XX Commanding Officer Izhorsk Fortified Area
1933-06-XX 1938-02-XX Military Commissar, Izhorsk Fortified Area
1938-02-XX 1938-06-XX Assistant Commanding Officer for Material Technical Supply, Red Banner Baltic Fleet
1938-06-XX 1940-01-XX Head of Supply Directorate, Navy
1940-01-XX 1942-05-XX Head of Main Harbor Directorate, Navy
1942-05-XX 1946-04-XX Head of Main Rear Service Directorate, Navy
1942-06-XX 1946-04-XX Deputy Commander in Chief for Rear Service of the Fleet
1946-04-XX 1946-12-XX Chief of Rear Service, Navy
1946-12-XX 1947-03-XX Hospitalised and convalescing
1947-03-XX 1948-01-XX At disposal of the Commander in Chief of the Navy
1948-01-XX Retired
Picture source: Courtesy of Ilya Mukhin