The Generals of WWII

Generals from Soviet Union Flag for Soviet Union
Portrait of Marshal of Soviet Union Kliment Efremovich Voroshilov

Voroshilov, Kliment Efremovich

Marshal of Soviet Union

* 4th of February 1881

† 2nd of December 1969

(Климент Ефремович Ворошилов)


1935-11-20 Marshal of Soviet Union


1918-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Lugansk Socialist Group
1918-03-15 1918-07-XX Commanding Officer 5th Army
1918-07-XX 1918-08-XX Commander in Chief Tsaritsyn Front
1918-09-17 1918-10-03 Deputy Commander in Chief Southern Front
1918-10-03 1918-12-18 Commanding Officer 10th Army
1919-01-29 1919-09-XX People’s Commissar for Internal Affairs in Ukraine
1919-05-10 1919-06-14 Commander in Chief Kharkov Military District
1919-06-04 1919-07-18 Commanding Officer 14th Army
1919-08-XX 1919-10-XX Commander in Chief Internal Ukrainian Front
1919-XX-XX 1920-XX-XX Commanding Officer 18th Army
1921-05-04 1924-05-17 Commander in Chief Northern Caucasian Military District
1924-05-17 1925-01-XX Commander in Chief Moscow Military District
1925-01-26 1925-11-06 Deputy People’s Commissar of Military & Naval Affairs
1925-11-06 1934-06-20 People’s Commissar of Military & Naval Affairs
1934-06-20 1940-05-07 People’s Commissar of Defence
1938-03-13 1940-07-24 Chairman of the Supreme Military Council of the Red Army
1939-11-30 1940-03-12 Commander in Chief Soviet Forces against Finland
1939-12-09 1940-03-12 Member of the High Command
1940-05-07 1944-11-XX Deputy People’s Commissar of Defence
1940-05-07 1940-06-30 Chairman of the Defence Committee, Council of People's Commissars
1940-06-23 1941-07-10 Chairman of the High Command
1941-06-30 1944-11-22 Member of the State Committee for Defence
1941-07-10 1941-08-08 Member of the High Command
1941-07-10 1941-08-29 Commander in Chief Northwestern Theatre
1941-08-08 1945-02-17 Member of the High Command
1941-09-05 1941-09-12 Commander in Chief Leningrad Front
1942-09-06 1942-11-XX Commander in Chief of the Partisan Movement
1944-11-XX 1947-XX-XX Chairman of the Allied Control Commission in Hungary
1946-XX-XX 1953-XX-XX Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers
1953-03-XX 1960-05-XX Chairman of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet of Soviet Union
1960-05-XX 1969-11-10 Member of the Praesidium of the Supreme Soviet of Soviet Union
Picture source: Courtesy of Auke de Vlieger