The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Jirō Wakisaka

Wakisaka, Jirō


* 17th of March 1886

† 2nd of January 1964


(わきさか じろう)


1930-03-XX Lieutenant-Colonel
1935-03-15 Colonel
1938-07-15 Major-General


1930-03-XX 1930-08-XX Attached to 11th Infantry Regiment
1930-08-XX 1933-03-XX Adjutant, War College
1933-03-XX 1935-03-15 Commanding Officer 5th Independent Defence Infantry Battalion
1935-03-15 1936-03-28 Attached to Imperial Guards Division
1936-03-28 1937-08-02 Commanding Officer Azabu Regimental District
1937-08-02 1938-07-15 Commanding Officer 36th Infantry Regiment
1938-07-15 1939-03-09 Attached to 3rd Depot Division
1939-03-09 1939-03-31 In reserve
1939-03-31 Retired
1942-03-XX Recalled
1942-03-XX 1943-06-XX Attached to Nagoya Army Arsenal
1943-06-XX Retired