The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Wang Jingguo

Wang Jingguo


* 1893

† 1952



1935-04-08 Lieutenant-General


Commanding Officer 1st Brigade, 1st Division, Shanxi Army
Commanding Officer 5th Brigade, Shanxi Army
Commanding Officer 5th Division, Shanxi Army
1927-XX-XX 1928-XX-XX Commanding Officer 5th Division, 7th Army, 3rd Army Group
1928-XX-XX 1929-XX-XX Commanding Officer 37th Division, 3rd Army Group
1929-XX-XX 1930-XX-XX Commanding Officer Suiyuan Garrison Command
1930-XX-XX 1931-XX-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Army, Shanxi-Siyuan Army Area
1931-XX-XX 1936-XX-XX Commanding Officer 70th Division, 34th Army
1931-XX-XX Commanding Officer Western Suiyuan Garrison Command
1936-05-XX 1940-XX-XX Commanding Officer 19th Army
1939-XX-XX 1945-XX-XX Commander in Chief 13th Army Group
1945-XX-XX 1946-XX-XX Commander in Chief 6th Army Group
1946-XX-XX 1949-XX-XX Commanding Officer 61st Army
1949-XX-XX 1949-04-24 Commander in Chief 10th army Corps
1949-XX-XX 1949-04-24 Commanding Officer Taiyuan Defence Command
1949-04-24 Captured by the People's Liberation Army
1949-04-24 1952-XX-XX Imprisoned
1952-XX-XX Died in prison