The Generals of WWII

Generals from Japan Flag for Japan
Portrait of Lieutenant-General Kōichi Watanabe

Watanabe, Kōichi


* 2nd of March 1894



(わたなべ こういち)


1938-03-01 Colonel
1941-08-25 Major-General
1945-03-01 Lieutenant-General


1936-12-01 1938-12-10 Staff Officer, Army Medical School
1938-12-10 1941-06-15 Chief of Hygiene Section, Medical Bureau, Ministry of War
1941-06-15 1942-07-01 Chief of Medical Section, 12th Army
1942-07-01 1943-02-20 Executive Officer, Army Medical School
1943-07-20 1945-09-XX Head of 8th Army Aviation Technical Research Institute
1946-03-31 Retired