The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Wataru Watanabe

Watanabe, Wataru


* 26th of December 1896

† 7th of December 1969

(渡辺 渡)

(わたなべ わたる)


1939-03-09 Colonel
1943-03-01 Major-General


1938-03-01 1939-03-09 Chief of Jinan Special Agency [China]
1939-03-09 1940-09-06 Head of Northern China Coordination Bureau, Asia Development Board
1940-09-06 1941-11-06 Attached to the Total Warfare Research Institute
1941-11-06 1942-03-XX Attached to 25th Army
1942-03-XX 1942-07-25 Chief of Military Government Section, 25th Army
1942-07-25 1943-03-01 Chief of General Affairs Section, Military Government Inspectorate, 25th Army
1943-03-01 1943-05-11 Attached to the Army Infantry School
1943-05-11 1943-11-01 Chief of 1st Section, Cabinet Planning Board
1943-11-01 1944-11-05 Chief of Administration Section, General Mobilisation Bureau, Ministry of Munitions
1944-11-05 1945-08-01 Commanding Officer 2nd Independent Mixed Brigade
1945-08-12 1945-09-XX Deputy Chief of Staff, Northern China Area Army