The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Raymod Albert Wheeler

Wheeler, Raymod Albert


* 31st of July 1885

† 8th of February 1974

(Regular Army)


1935-08-01 Lieutenant-Colonel
1940-02-01 Colonel
1941-09-29 Brigadier-General (Army of the United States)
1942-03-11 Major-General (Army of the United States)
1944-02-21 Lieutenant-General (Army of the United States)
1945-10-01 Major-General
1949-03-01 Lieutenant-General (Retired)


1933-09-22 1935-10-03 District Engineer, Rock Island, Illinois
1935-10-04 1936-05-22 Chief Regional Engineer, Work Progress Administration, Chicago, Illinois
1936-05-27 1936-08-04 Delegate to Permanent International Associations of Navigation Congresses [Europe]
1936-08-15 1937-06-23 Attending the Army War College
1937-02-01 1940-07-XX Resident Member of Board of Engineers for Rivers & Harbors
1940-07-XX 1941-07-XX Engineer of Maintenance, Panama Canal
1941-07-XX 1941-11-XX Assistant Chief of Staff (G-4), War Department General Staff
1941-09-XX 1942-02-XX Chief of US Military Mission to Iraq, Iran & India
1942-02-28 1943-04-10 Commanding General Services of Supply, US China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
1943-02-18 1943-04-06 Commanding Officer Combat Troops Ledo Sector [Burme]
1943-04-10 1943-06-04 Commanding General Army Service Forces, US China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
1943-04-24 1943-06-08 Commanding General US China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
1943-06-04 1943-11-15 Commanding General Services of Supply, US China-Burma-India Theater of Operations
1943-11-16 1944-11-12 Principal Administration Officer, South East Asia Command
1944-11-12 1945-10-04 Deputy Supreme Allied Commander in Chief South-East Asia Command
1945-06-23 1945-09-28 Commanding General India-Burma Theater of Operations
1945-06-23 1945-09-28 Commanding General Northern Area Combat Command [Burma]
1945-10-01 1949-02-28 Chief of Engineers
1949-02-28 Retired
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