The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of General  Xia Wei

Xia Wei


* 2nd of March 1893

† 3rd of January 1975


(Hsia Wei)


1923-02-XX Lieutenant-Colonel (Post rank)
1923-07-XX Colonel (Post rank)
1924-07-XX Major-General (Post rank)
1927-02-XX Lieutenant-General (Post rank)
1927-09-19 General (Post rank)
1936-01-23 Lieutenant-General
1937-05-14 General


1923-02-XX 1923-07-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment, 8th Independent Brigade, Guangxi Army
1923-07-XX 1924-07-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment, Guangxi Route Expeditionary Army
1924-07-XX 1924-11-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Column, Guangxi Route Expeditionary Army
1924-07-XX 1924-11-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Regiment, 3rd Column, Guangxi Route Expeditionary Army
1924-11-XX 1926-03-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Column, 2nd Army, Guangxi Route Expeditionary Army
1926-03-XX 1926-07-XX Commanding Officer 6th Brigade, 7th Army
1926-07-XX 1927-02-XX Commanding Officer 1st Brigade, 7th Army
1927-02-XX 1927-09-19 Commanding Officer 1st Division, 7th Army
1927-06-02 1927-09-19 Deputy Commanding Officer 7th Army
1927-09-19 1928-09-05 Commanding Officer 7th Army
1928-09-05 1928-10-08 Commanding Officer 2nd Provisional Division, 4th Army Group
1928-10-08 1929-02-27 Commanding Officer 15th Division, 4th Army Group
1929-02-27 1929-03-26 Committee Member, 4th Reorganisation & Demobilisation Area
1929-03-26 Dismissed
1929-04-21 Leaves for Hong Kong
1931-06-XX Returns to the Mainland
1931-06-XX 1934-09-18 Deputy Commanding Officer 15th Army
1931-10-XX 1933-09-XX Commandant of the Nanning Branch School, Central Military Academy
1934-09-18 1937-03-03 Commanding Officer 15th Army
1937-03-03 1937-09-19 Commanding Officer 48th Army
1937-09-13 1939-02-06 Commander in Chief 8th Army Corps
1938-04-12 1938-06-21 Commanding Officer 84th Army
1939-01-26 1939-11-15 Commanding Officer 46th Army
1939-02-06 1945-04-01 Commander in Chief 16th Army Group
1939-12-XX 1945-04-01 Commanding Officer Military Cadets, Guangxi
1940-01-31 1945-04-01 Deputy Commander in Chief 4th War Area
1945-04-01 1946-01-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 2nd Field Army
1946-01-XX 1949-05-XX Commanding Officer 8th Pacification Area
1948-08-26 1949-03-24 Chairman of Anhui Provincial Government
1948-09-02 1949-06-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Central China Bandit Suppression Headquarters
1949-05-XX 1949-08-XX Commander in Chief 10th Army Corps
1949-06-XX 1950-05-XX Deputy Chief of Central China Military Administration
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