The Generals of WWII

Generals from China Flag for China
Portrait of Lieutenant-General  Yang Hanyu

Yang Hanyu


* 1905

† 1973


(Yang Han-yu)


1936-02-26 Major-General
1939-07-13 Lieutenant-General


1925-XX-XX Commanding Officer 1st Mixed Brigade, Sichuan Army
1932-XX-XX 1936-XX-XX Commanding Officer 3rd Mixed Brigade, 20th Army
1936-XX-XX 1939-XX-XX Commanding Officer 133rd Division, 20th Army
1939-XX-XX 1944-XX-XX Commanding Officer 20th Army
1945-XX-XX 1946-XX-XX Deputy Commander in Chief 27th Army
1946-05-XX 1949-05-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 24th Army
1949-05-XX 1949-11-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 7th Recruit Training Center
1949-11-XX 1949-12-XX Deputy Commanding Officer Chongqing Garrison Command
1949-12-XX Revolts against the Nationalist Government