The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Lieutenant-General Shizuo Yokoyama

Yokoyama, Shizuo


* 1st of December 1890

† 6th of January 1961


(よこやま しずお)


1936-08-01 Colonel
1939-03-09 Major-General
1941-10-15 Lieutenant-General


1935-08-01 1936-08-01 Commanding Officer Kwantung Army Railroad Area Command
1936-08-01 1937-12-01 Staff Officer, Traffic Inspectorate, Kwantung Army
1937-12-01 1938-03-01 Attached to Kwantung Army
1938-03-01 1939-03-09 Commanding Officer 2nd Infantry Regiment
1939-03-09 1940-10-01 Commanding Officer 2nd Field Railroad Command
1940-10-01 1942-08-31 Commanding Officer Kwantung Army Field Railroad Command
1942-06-26 1945-09-XX General Officer Commanding 8th Division [Manchuria - Philippines]
1945-03-19 1945-09-XX General Officer Commanding 41st Army
1948-XX-XX 1953-XX-XX In prison as war criminal