The Generals of WWII

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Portrait of Major-General Nikifor Matveevich Zamirovskii

Zamirovskii, Nikifor Matveevich


* 14th of December 1898

† 11th of May 1948

(Никифор Матвеевич Замировский)


1942-01-22 Major-General


1931-11-15 1933-11-XX Commanding Officer 130th Rifle Regiment
1933-11-XX Commanding Officer 10th Rifle Regiment
1937-10-XX 1939-02-XX Commanding Officer 108th Motorized Rifle Regiment
1939-02-XX 1940-01-XX senior Instructor at Tambovsk Infantry School
1940-01-XX 1941-04-26 Instructor at the Higher Military School of Staff Service
1941-04-26 1941-07-10 Deputy Commanding Officer 83rd Rifle Division
1941-07-10 1942-05-30 Commanding Officer 310th Rifle Division
1942-06-03 1942-09-14 Commanding Officer 115th Rifle Division
1943-01-06 1943-11-21 Commanding Officer 71st Rifle Division
1943-11-21 At disposal of the Military Council, 60th Army
1944-03-18 Commanding Officer 1031st Rifle Regiment
1944-03-18 1944-04-08 Commanding Officer 351st Rifle Division
1944-05-14 1944-10-07 Deputy Commanding Officer 8th Rifle Division
1944-10-07 1945-XX-XX Deputy Commanding Officer 46th Reserve Rifle Division
1945-XX-XX 1945-08-XX At disposal of the Main Personnel Directorate
1945-08-XX 1946-05-XX Head of Infantry Advanced Training Course, White Sea Military District
1946-05-XX 1946-10-10 Head of Infantry Advanced Training Course, Volga Military District
1946-10-10 Retired
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